The Kilns Project

The Kilns Project

Exhibited: 27 Jan – 28 April, 2024
Toi MAHARA Gallery, Waikanae, NZ.

The Kilns Project explored the relocation of two beehive pottery kilns, built in Te Horo, Kāpiti in the early 1970’s by acclaimed potter Mirek Smišek. The kilns were sited directly in line with the proposed PP2O Expressway and therefore scheduled for demolition. Although the kilns were not registered by Heritage New Zealand, they were deemed to have significant historical, cultural and architectural value and were therefore relocated and preserved. Elisabeth has been researching and documenting the story of the kilns from 2019 – 2023. As part of this project, Elisabeth joined the local Ōtaki Pottery Club to familiarise herself with the ceramics process. Her recent exhibition included paintings, ceramics and large scale rubbings that embodied aspects of the relocation.

MAIN IMAGE: Grant Tilly, Beehive Kilns, print on paper, 1972

News Review: Toi Mahara 

Exhibition Photo’s: Ryan McCaulay & Kevin Ramshaw